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2019 SFPC Toys in the Sun Run

Media Request Credential Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in covering the 32nd Annual SFPC Toys in the Sun Run, on Saturday,, December 7, 2019, at The AMP, in Pompano.  


Credential Protocols

· All credential requests should be submitted by the outlet’s editor, or program director, and should include everyone from that outlet. Submission of application does not guarantee the issuance of credentials.


· Credentials will only be issued to accredited newspapers, news/wire services, publications, and internet sites that regularly cover motorsports; as well as national and local news television and radio networks.


· Toy Run does not issue credentials to “stock photo” agencies.


· Freelance writers and photographers must be on specific assignment and included on the application submitted by the news agency’s editor in order to be considered for credentials.


· Working media credentials are limited and will not be issued to representatives of non-working media, including (but not limited to) representatives of the following firms: marketing, public relations, promotions, sales and advertising.  Credentials will not be issued to non-working members of the media outlet (spouses, relatives, guests, etc.).


· Toy Run reserves the right to approve or deny credential requests, in addition to determining the number of credentials issued.


· Please submit your request for credentials, and parking by Monday, December 2, 2019 via the online credential form.


· Once credential requests have been reviewed, approved and inputted into the system, the applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail from This email will indicate the credentials, and parking for which the applicant has been approved.  


· Those who are approved will need to pick up their credentials from the Toys in the Sun Run Credential Office, located at The AMP.  Please park out of the way of any set-up, and ask for the vendor/credential office. The Credential Office opens on Thursday, 2pm – 6:00pm and Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.  NO CREDENTIALS CAN BE PICKED UP OUTSIDE OF THESE HOURS. 

· Your submission of the Media Credential Request below, is your agreement to the above.

If you have any questions related to credential applications, please contact

Toy Run Media Credential Request